Our Programs

School-Site Partnerships

The question is not what quality teacher learning looks like, but how to implement it in complex systems. Mills Teacher Scholars has worked to transform the culture of teacher and leader learning in schools for nearly a decade. We partner with schools to create effective adult learning teams that positively impact student achievement.

District Partnerships

Teacher scholars in our cross-district groups benefit from the unique opportunity to learn deeply with colleagues from schools across their districts. Each group shares a focus - whether a content area, demographic group, or pedagogical lens - that drives shared understanding of how to positively impact student learning district-wide. Knowledge is leveraged across the district as teachers bring their understandings back to their sites.

Events and Workshops

We know that robust community events and workshops are antidotes to teachers’ and school leaders’ isolation. At our Gather and Teacher Inquiry in Action Forum, we raise teachers’ voices and contribute their knowledge gained through inquiry to their field. At our workshops, including the Summer Institute, Coaching Inquiry Network, and Creating the Conditions for Adult Learning, school and district leaders study professional learning frameworks and engage in inquiry around the adult learning work that they lead.