NEW! Certification in Creating the Conditions for Adult Learning

Becoming a certified facilitator prepares individuals to design adult learning in their systems, building the capacities to address issues of equity and take a whole child learning approach. Explore certification and apply your current course toward the process today.

We believe that facilitating effective adult learning requires a knowledge of adult learning frameworks, a foundation in social emotional competencies and the ability to offer high quality, practice-based feedback. To meet these needs we are excited to be offering a pathway to certification in Creating the Conditions for Adult Learning. The following courses can be taken individually or as part of a certification process.

Certification requirements:

  • One foundational course
  • One practice-based course
  • Capstone course
  • Courses completed within a time frame of 2 years
Foundational Courses Practice-Based Courses Capstone Course
Leading by Learning: Four-Day Series


From Compliance to Curiosity: Intensive Summer Institute
(2019 Summer Institute Course)


Vision & Inquiry Series

Leading by Learning: Four-Day Series


Teacher Leadership through Collaborative Inquiry*

Vision and Inquiry Series

Capstone Experience**

*Teacher Leaders engaged in Mills Teacher Scholars inquiry through a district or school site partnership can receive credit for a practice-based course, upon approval.

**Candidates who have completed two courses may apply for the capstone experience.

How to sign up:

  1. Enroll in a practice-based and/or foundational course.
  2. When you begin your coursework with us, you will have the opportunity to register for the certificate pathway.

Foundational Courses:

Practice-Based Courses:

For questions regarding the Certification in Adult Learning Through Collaborative Inquiry, please email us at